Our vision

Lieven on the subject of modern farming

“Breeding pigs in the 21st century is running a professional business. As farmers, we are confronted with nature and the elements every day. Because I am convinced that running a modern business is both an economic and an ecological matter, I invest a lot of attention and resources in sustainability. Wetlands to process manure naturally, solar panels to generate energy, pig feed made to our own recipe ... they are all conscious building blocks of my modern pig farm. And my ambition doesn’t stop there, either ... by putting up a new viewing stable, I am introducing another piece of agricultural history at the St.-Amandshof." 

Tania on her love for the pigs


"I had a penchant for pigs going way back, so when I had to make my career choice, I never hesitated for a moment! My care for the welfare of the piglets begins at the crack of dawn. I get up at half past six and immediately check up on the pigs, because I want to make sure they are alright! I do like to sleep in at the weekend, until at least 7 am (laughs). My day begins by checking up on the sows first. Seeing the little piglets cuddled up peacefully to their mother is so heart-warming. After about 4 weeks the piglets are moved to the playpens, a sty full of toys where they can romp around to their heart’s content together. Add a few more weeks and the piglets have grown into actual pigs. Time to move them to an even bigger sty. Did you know that pigs get bored quite quickly? That is why we provide toys for them to play with. Personally, I put animal welfare front and centre. Lieven often tells me that I’m guarding my pigs like I’m their actual mum!"


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