Our passion

Our passion: the Sint-Amandshof pig

Breeding pigs is our one true passion and, looking after them all day long, that’s exactly as it should be. We pay very special attention to how our animals are housed. Which is why St. Amandshof is developing a brand new viewing stable. Shortly, our visitors will be able to see how we care for animal welfare for themselves. We are also very passionate about genetics and soon our research will yield a totally new breed of pig: the Belgasconne pig. A southern pig of Belgian origin!

If you’re a regular visitor of www.belgasconne.be, expect to discover more information about this gorgeous new breed soon. Go visit there now!

the delicious pork of St.-Amandshof

The St.-Amandshof pigs have plenty of time to grow naturally. Getting time to develop, is so important for the quality of the meat. Our pig feed, specially formulated to our very own recipe, stimulates this natural process and guarantees tender and juicy meat.

Convince yourself and taste the delicious pork of St.-Amandshof. 

Exceptionally tasty!

You can order the delicious and fresh pork here!

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