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St.-Amandshof's Huyze Terroir

Huyze Terroir, a quality label launched by Joka from Bruges, stands for homegrown tradition. It covers the range of charcuterie that uses St-Amandshof pork. Every element needs to be just right and that is why Joka is so committed to choosing St-Amandshof for its products. 
The charcuterie labelled “Huyze Terroir van St-Amandshof” is made with passion by real professionals. You have to taste it to believe it. But we’re quite sure you will enjoy it!



Our partners share our passion for product with exceptional flavour !

St.-Amandshof shares its passion for tasty pork and sustainability with a plethora of like-minded people. A host of Flemish butchers, caterers and distributors have already visited St. Amandshof and, in doing so, became convinced of Lieven and Tania’s unique concept.

Would you also like a taste of what the St.-Amandshof has to offer? Feel free to contact Lieven or Tania for a casual chat and an inspiring tour of the farm! 

An example of a passionate collaboration: CRU & St-Amandshof

St-Amandshof and Cru share the same passion for good food. The CRU site showcases the story of Tania and Lieven, their pigs and their passion for the job. It’s this shared passion that brought St-Amandshof and Cru together. Their far-reaching professional collaboration has resulted in the availability of St-Amandshof’s extraordinarily good pork through CRU. Customer and supplier meet up regularly and in an open atmosphere to discuss continued product optimization. CRU butchers drop by the farm all the time, while Tania and Lieven pay regular visits to CRU to see how their products are displayed and sold. www.cru.be

Running a passionate business means that you love doing what you do well!

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