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The minister of Agriculture is very impressed with St-Amandshof

In the middle of West Flanders lies the St. Amandshof, the pig farm of Tania and Lieven.  They both grew up on their parents’ farm. Bitten by the farming bug, they got married and took over their parents’ farm. In the meantime, succession seems assured with their enthusiastic son Manu! Every single day, Lieven and Tania passionately do everything they can to breed their pigs in optimum conditions. They have a clear vision in mind. Constantly considering and testing new techniques, they apply continuous quality control to guarantee the best results. With lots of love and pride, they are building a farming business for the 21st century.

For more information, watch Manu's report here.

Going natural: a conscious choice for ecology and sustainability

In addition to the focus on hygiene and the welfare of the pigs, there’s a lot of attention for the environment. By using wetlands to process the manure naturally, St-Amandshof is totally committed to an environmentally friendly approach!

Our wetlands consist of individual basins. These wetlands allow the daily processing of pig manure into dischargeable water. A method that yields excellent results. Organic matter is broken down, and nitrogen content reduced considerably. This system is the result of intensive research by the University of Ghent, among others.

As an added bonus, construction of these wetlands also stimulates biodiversity.

The use of solar panels is yet another example of how consciously Lieven and Tania manage energy.

Animal welfare before everything

The feed given to the adult pigs is a ‘homemade’ recipe that Lieven and Tania have developed in close consultation with a nutritionist. Its composition is geared towards getting great tasting meat. This diet is not only rich in protein but also contains natural antioxidants such as turmeric.

A great deal of care has been lavished on the St-Amandshof sties: they are wider than your average pigsty and more spacious than legally required ... but it doesn’t stop there. In 2018, Lieven will introduce a brand-new viewing stable that offers more room for the pigs to play and root and fully express their natural behaviours! An initiative to be rightly proud of. 

Our witness-stable: a unique event location

Our free-witness-stable in video

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